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Eat Pine Apple Chops, Patties, or Nuggets. All Umm Umm Good

How Carmen Hijosa is making a difference with Ananas Anam. An incredible impact on fashion and the environment is enormous.

While the use of pineapple fiber is fabric isn’t new – people in the Philippines have done it for years. –Ananas Anam

Piñatex is a textile that was indeed inspired by the varied use of pineapple fibers which traditionally have been used as hand woven textiles in the Philippines.  However, Piñatex, which has been developed through years of research and testing, is made by industrial methods. Unlike the handcrafted textiles, Piñatex offers a viable, sustainable alternative to leather.  Piñatex is a unique product, not only as a physical textile but also due to the ethical, social and environmental responsibility upheld at every stage of production. The commercial production of Piñatex has many benefits – it actively provides the opportunity for farming communities to generate a sustainable income stream without causing a further impact on their land, is much better for the environment than traditional leather production and it doesn’t harm animals. No animal by-product is used in any stage of the production. The goal is to develop Piñatex to be fully biodegradable, in tune with our aims and vision, and we have already started the R&D process. Read more…

A New Material for a New World | Carmen Hijosa | TEDxClerkenwell

Move over leather – there is a new kid on the textile block!

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