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We focus on how to work out, exercise at the gym, weight train, work your abs, and get the most out of your gym workout. We assist you by having negotiated with fitness clubs across the country to provide you with the best fit.  We did this by continuing to listen to folks like you who want the best and latest equipment, location, child care services, best personal trainers, or just want a place to workout with stationary equipment like treadmills, steppers or latest cardio machines to get you ready for summer, competitions or to stay fit.

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Maybe you’re just visiting for a short stay and need to get to the friendliest gym/health club. Look no further: signup and let us connect you with the friendly folks who would love to greet you and show you around their club. It’s free to join, get the discounts, and best of all, the direction that most people dread – we interview a number of places for you to find the best place for a workout.

We are able to provide you, the member/visitors, the best choices because we assist health club owners and personal trainers to promote and provide services as follows:

  • Health Club Membership Assistance
  • Personal Trainer Events
  • Local Talent Personal Trainer Visits
  • National Talent Personal Trainer Visits
  • International Talent Personal Trainer Visits
  • Internet Branding and Image Enhancements
  • Social Media Promotional Ideas
  • Personal Trainer Recruitment
  • Health Club/Gym Interior Designer
  • Health Club/Gym Proper Layout Design
  • Workout Guide Handouts

We consider this approach unique, and we are selective in our method. We treat the interview at every club as if we were going there for the first time with a list of questions that assist us to make the best choices. Our list of locations is specific to every city or town. For example, if you’re a local resident, there are special discounts and programs available. If you’re visiting for the first time and you belong to another gym/health club there may be services and discounts available, also.

Why not just search the internet? Try us and see that the advantages are limitless.

NOTE we are still under construction and will have the services available shortly. Meanwhile just fill out the form and I will personally recommend a club with a quick call back.

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