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Food Supplements vs Healthy Diet


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In the past, numerous nutrition and sports medicine “experts” have undermined the need for excess supplementation, claiming it provides nothing more than expensive urine. Current research has now indicated that in many cases, nutritional supplementation for athletes undergoing an intense training program can provided to be beneficial if not essential for peak performance.


Determining the amount of nutrients required to fuel one’s metabolic needs, and consuming those nutrients in a balanced diet on a consistent basis is a difficult task for most. Coupled with a balanced eating regime, one must take into consideration the percentage of nutrients that will be lost through normal processing procedures, absorption, and digestion. There has been an enormous amount of controversy regarding the Minimum Daily Requirement (MDR) and Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of certain nutrients being sufficed for athletes. A personalized nutrition analysis will determine your nutrient requirements and recommended food sources available to enhance your current lifestyle.


The main concern regarding nutritional supplements and their effectiveness lies in the demand created by athletes that may or may not be met by a normal diet. Mega dosing is not the solution. In fact, taking only slightly higher amounts of key nutrients according to your metabolism will provide most with the edge needed for maximum performance. In other words, when trying to plan a diet that meets your needs keep in mind that “optimum” and “actual” nutritional value are not the same. A personalized weight control plan will provide you with a menu plan based on your nutritional needs and foods you desire.


Among the numerous supplements available today, one may become confused as to which are actually beneficial or simply gimmicks of advertising. The key nutrients that are essential for athletics’ performances are protein (amino acids), carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. During the last 30 years, one was considered healthy if he or she did not exhibit any symptom of decease. Today, professionals within the health field consider health as being the complete physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual.

If any one of these areas are lacking, his or her level of health is considered below par. Studies have indicated that our society today is neither healthy, nor well fed. For this reason, one needs a personalized nutrition analysis to determine the amount of nutrients he or she receives, and thus alters those amounts accordingly for optimal health.

To obtain a personalized weight management program contact a professional nutritionist or your local health club.

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