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Fitness training has been a rewarding experience for me and I would like to share it with you.  I began working out later in life, searching for the unknown, and wondering if it was for me.   I came to the realization that I was not alone in my quest for fitness.

Some of the common dilemmas I found among gym/health club members were related to a lack of communication between people, leading to boredom. Another problem was related to a misunderstanding of the procedures of fitness training combinations. Becoming knowledgeable at exercising, and using the correct terminology promotes an outgoing attitude which is conducive to meeting others.

Through my search, I read several articles on physical fitness and compiled a list of exercises through research and the expertise of amateurs, as well as, professionals. Personally, I have tried several gyms/health clubs and even purchased home equipment.   In my search it was not wondering why, but how and what for?  I found that others shared my feelings of frustration, and most people joining seemed to quit soon after. The actual health club/gym was never the problem, the reasons lie within us. We must create a level of excitement.

What better way to relieve stress than by pumping your body up! A question that arose in my mind was, “Do people like perfection?”  Yes, and the reason had to do with looks. It has been proven that if you look good, you feel great. You see bodies in motion, think fast, move smooth. Most people just react to situations. People who think of perfection act, think about it, and work things out.

To look great, all you need is body sculpting using weights, and allowing that adrenaline to flow. Naturally, fitness training is so intense that through consistent workouts, even for a short period of time, it will improve and change skin texture.

7xFIT The Total Toned Body Workout  – A Systematized Personal Training Fitness & Exercise Guide – 250 Total Body Exercises  $24.95

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