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The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (Protectors)

The Power Of Fruits and Vegetables

It all started from the need to get more protein without beef or egg, not to mention the different protein powder mixes available for us today.  It all just did not sit quite right with me. The more I thought about getting all that goodness into a capsule… behold, I reunited with fruits and vegetables.

Today, more than ever, actual life experiences, written and documented research, tells us that we can find all there is needed to have our best workout routines. Whether we eat to run, walk, play tennis, weight train, or have fun with our family and friends, we can do this by being vibrant, happy, and having more energy than ever.  We can also eat our veggies and fruits with elaborate and wonderful, tasty ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just take a look at what has been listed as benefits in eating your veggies. I’ll give you two awesome reasons to keep reading: better health and powerful workouts.


Possible: Increases Absorption, Decreases Hunger, Sweets, Lowers Cholesterol


Possible: Development of the Brain, Feeling of Fullness


Possible: Antioxidants, Purifies Blood, Better Blood Sugar Regulation, Reduction for Asthma – Lung Cancer – Macular Degeneration, Fiber that Binds to Cholesterol and Heavy Metals


Possible: Promotes Phytochemicals, Prevent Heart Disease, Reduces LDL Cholesterol, Protection Against Cancers


Possible: Contains the chemical asparagine, which is an alkaloid that stimulates the kidneys and improves the circulatory process. These alkaloids break down oxalic acid, which tends to glue fat to cells. Breaking down this acid helps to reduce fat levels.


Possible: Preventing Aging – Cancer – Heart Disease, Lower Cholesterol and Dilate Blood Vessels, Liver Detoxify Synthetic Chemicals


Possible: Promote Kidney Health, Decrease Risk Colon Cancer, Build Better Bones, Protect Your Eyesight, Regulate Heart Function, Protect Stomach Ulcers, Normal Blood Pressure and Heart Function, Lower Blood Pressure, Reduced Risk of Stroke, Menstrual Pains, Brain Power, Help Constipation and Diarrhea, Remedies for Heartburn, Avoid Morning Sickness, Seasonal Affective Disorder


Possible: Cardiovascular, Antibacterial Compounds Targeting Toxins for Skin, Hair, Calm inflammation


Possible: Prevent Digestive Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulosis, Lower Heart Attack Risk, Promote Cardiovascular, Reduced Risk of stroke, Stabilizing Blood Sugar, Energy Production


Possible: Healthy Heart, Purify the Blood and Liver, Boost of Energy, Anti-Carcinogen, Used for Menstrual Disturbances, Particularly During Menopause for Hormone Regulation, Superb Blood Purifiers and Liver Cleansers


Possible: Highest Antioxidant, Neutralizes Free Radicals, Aids Reducing Belly Fat, Helps Urinary Tract, Preserves Vision, Brain Sharp, Dissolve Bad Cholesterol

Bok Choy (pak-choi)

Possible: Beta Carotene, Lower Risk of Cancers, Aide Immune System, Blood Pressure, Prevention Of Cataracts, Macular Degeneration


Possible: Growth and Bone Development, Repairs Tissues, Regulates, Vision, Assists Urinary, Respiratory, Immune, Digestive Systems, Eye Inflammation And Nearsightedness, Diuretic, Benefits Rough Skin

Brussels Sprouts

Possible: Lowers Cholesterol, Antioxidant Against Oxidative Stress, Fights Inflammation, Prevents Various Cancers, Helps Reverse Blood Vessel Damage, Aid in Digestion, Prevent Constipation, Maintain Low Blood Sugar


Possible: Treating Peptic Ulcers, Inhibit Tumor Growth, Inflammation, Immune System, Macular Degeneration, Prevent Cataracts, Reduces Plaque on the Brain, Skin Care, Relieves Constipation, Muscle Soreness


Possible: Powerful Antioxidant, Neutralizing Free Radicals, Hunger and Sweet Cravings, Rich in Phenylethylamine, Well Being


Possible: Skin Glow, Rich in Beta Carotene, Clear Out Free Radicals, Glowing Complexion


Possible: Beta Carotene, Promotes Immunity Function, Strengthens Eyesight, Slows Aging of Cells, Prevent premature Wrinkles And Blemishes, Normalizes Entire System, Improves And Maintains Bone Structure And Teeth, Good For Ulcerous and Cancerous Conditions, Improves Intestinal And Liver Functions, Good for Colon, Benefits the Skin, Earaches and Deafness, Treats Night Blindness, Nourishes the Optic System, Stimulates the elimination of Wastes, Benefits the Lungs


Possible: Regenerative Skin and Hair, Great Fiber, Cleansing Digestive System


Possible: Cancer Prevention, Optimal Digestion, Prevent Heart Disease – Cancer – Stroke, Prevent Chronic Inflammation – Arthritis – Chronic Pain, Assist Bowel Conditions, Healthy Pregnancy, Lower Cholesterol, Weight Loss

Cayenne Pepper

Possible: Stimulates Digestive Tract, Intestinal Peristaltic Motion, Digestive Rhythm and Detoxifies


Possible: Body Cooling Properties, Regulates Bloods pH Levers, Neutralize Acidity, Benefits Stomach and Spleen – Pancreas – Liver and Gallbladder, Calms the Liver, Improves Digestion, Purifies the Blood, Helps Renew Joints – Bones – Arteries and All Connective Tissues, Useful In Treatment of Rheumatism – Arthritis – Gout and Nerve Inflammation. Helpful for Kidneys, Diabetes and Osteoporosis

Chard Swiss Greens

Possible: Cholesterol Controlling, Weight Reduction, Boosting Immunity, Help Limiting Neuronal Damage in the Brain, Control Heart Rate and Blood Pressure


Possible:Increases Quality of Red Cells, Cleanses Reducing of Carcinogens to the Liver, Healing Properties, Removes Toxic Metals, Reduces Inflammation


Possible: Natural Cleanser, Binds Toxic Metals, Anti-Anxiety Properties, Improves Quality of Sleep


Possible: Fights Bacteria and Fungus, Antimicrobial Powers, Lowers Bad Cholesterol


Possible: Induce Feeling, Relaxation, Promotes Weight Loss, Satisfies Sweet Cravings

Collard Greens

Possible: Control LDL Cholesterol, Protection Against Hemorrhoids and Constipation, Protects Prostate, Breast, Cervical, Colon, Ovarian Cancers, Flu-like viral Infections, Healthy Vision, Limiting Neuronal Damage to the Brain


Possible: Cleanse Harmful Bacteria and Viruses in Urinary Tract, Contains Anti-Viral Substances


Possible: Regulates Urinary, Digestive Systems, High Water Content Flushes Toxin An Impede Normal GI, Urinary Functions, Counteracts Toxins and Lifts Depression, Purifies the Skin, Helps Teeth, Gums, Nails, Hair and Skin


Possible: Improving Radiance of the Skin and Hair, Reduce Symptoms of Allergies, Cleansing Block Impurities, Regulate Cholesterol, Curb Hunger, Rich in Potassium


Possible: Anti-LDL (bad cholesterol), Potent antioxidant, Protect Cell Membranes, Improves Blood Circulation, Protects The Digestive Tract, Control Blood Pressure, Relieve Stress, Fights Free Radicals That Cause Cancer


Possible: Cell Growth and Healthy Bones, Reduce the Risk of Developing Heart Disease and Cancer


Possible: Detoxing Powers, Prevention Of New Toxins, Hair Treatment, Strengthening Hair, Preventing Hair Loss

Flax Seed

Possible: Weight Loss, Cholesterol Levels, High Fiber, Rich in Omega 3, Inflammation and Reduce Pain, Many Cleansing Functions


Possible: Cleanse Harmful Bacteria – Intestinal Parasites and Viruses, Helps Cleanse Build-Up Arteries, Anti-Cancer and Antioxidant Properties, Cleansing Respiratory Tract, Expelling Mucous Build-Up in the Lungs and Sinuses


Possible: Fights Bacteria and Fungus, Antimicrobial Powers, Calms Inflammation, Reduces Pain and Combats Nausea

Goji Berries

Possible: Boosts Brain Health, Calmness, Well Being, Mental Sharpness, Antioxidants, Reduces the Effects of Aging


Possible: Fiber Binds to Cholesterol, Cleansing the Blood. Cleanse Harmful Viruses, Excellent Intestinal and Liver Detoxifier.


Possible: Treat Constipation, Indigestion, Fatigue, Kidney Disorders, Macular Degeneration and Prevention of Cataract

Green Pepper

Possible: Skin Moisturizer, Regulate Blood Pressure

Green Squash, Zucchini

Possible: Reduce Constipation, Protection Colon Cancer, Weight Reduction and Cholesterol Control, Aging and Various Disease Processes, Reduction Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Himalayan Salt

Possible: Balance to the Body, Control Water Levels, Regulates the pH Balance in Blood Cells


Possible: It has an amazing effect of dissolving fat in cells (no side effects) and also as a cleansing effect on the body.


Possible: Headache Treatment, Relieves Migraines and Sinus


Possible :Treat Arthritis, Calm Inflammation, Healthy Bones, Ease Lung Congestion, Treats Ulcers, Cleanse The Intestinal Tract, Strengthens Liver Cleansing


Possible: Protects From Oxidative Stress, Lowers Cholesterol, Assists in Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis, Healthy Digestive System, Regulates Blood Sugar Absorb


Possible: Reduces Bad Bacteria, Reduces Bloating and Poor Digestion, Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Relax Sensation


Possible: Burst of Energy, Builds Immune System, Antioxidant Cleans Blood and Toxins, Excellent Liver Detoxifiers


Possible: Contains iron and magnesium, which enters your spleen, to boost your immunity and protects the body from illness. Lettuce also helps the liver as it increases your metabolism and washes out fatty cells.


Possible: Antioxidant and Anti-Cancer Properties, Protection Rheumatoid Arthritis, Atherosclerosis and Diabetic Heart Disease


Possible: Known as Peruvian Ginseng, Increasing Energy, Stamina and Sexual Function and Fertility


Possible: Lessen Cervical, Colon Cancer, Heart Disease, T2 Diabetes and Diverticular Disease, Proper Bone Growth, Cholesterol Levels, Degenerative Diseases


Possible: Relaxation, Calming, Inflammation and Digestion, Reduces Headaches and Nausea, Alleviating Mental Stress


Maintain Healthy Immune System, Protect the Skin from Damaging, Antioxidants, Regulate Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Onion Sweet

Possible: Cardiovascular Benefits, Lower Blood Levels Cholesterol and Triglycerides, Prevention Heart Attack, Increase Bone Density, Allergic Airway Inflammation, Colorectal Cancer, Laryngeal, Ovarian Cancer, Blood Sugar Control, Remove Heavy Metals and Parasites


Possible: Antioxidant Properties, Digestive System, Oxidation of Cholesterol, Preventing Cancer, Healthy Immune System, Cardiovascular Disease


Possible: Carbohydrate metabolism, Weight Loss, Anti-Inflammatory, Benefits Eyes and Optic Nerve System, Ear Infections, Earache and Deafness, Good for Genitourinary Tract


Possible: Weight Control, Antioxidant and Tissue-Builder, Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure, Prevent Kidney Stones and Bone Loss, Preventing Constipation


Possible: Burst of Energy, Builds Immune System, Lowers Cholesterol, Fiber


Possible: Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits, Blood Sugar Regulation, Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Stomach Cancer

Peppers (Red, Green, Yellow)

Possible: Antioxidant Benefits, Potential Anti-Cancer Benefits, Eye Health, Gastric, Esophageal, Reduction Cancer, Good for Skin, Hair and Nails, Aid the Immune System


Possible: Alleviating Joint Pain, Strengthening Bones, Reducing Pain, and Regulate Digestion


Possible: Significant Antioxidant Protection, Helpful for Atherosclerosis, Diabetic Heart Disease, Reduced Risk Heart Disease, Stroke and Macular Degeneration


Possible: Detoxing Powers, Lowers Cholesterol, Inhibit Fat Absorption, Neutralizing Free Radicals, Purifying Blood


Possible: Contains high levels of Iron and Magnesium which scrub the mucous membrane of the body and helps to dissolve fat in the cells.


Possible: Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory, Protecting Oxidative Stress, Dangers of Excessive Inflammation, Chronic, Anti-Cancer


Possible: Nourish Adrenal Cortex, Body in Balance, Natural Detoxification, Fiber, Cleans Digestive Tract and Strengthen Muscles


Possible: Regulates Circulation, Digestion and Releasing Muscle Tension, Strengthening Skin Cells and Regeneration Skin Tissue


Possible: Bind To Radioactive Waste and Metals from the Body, Offers Cancer Protection, Healthy Thyroid Function, Nutrient Prevention of Birth Defects, Cardiovascular Disease, Seaweed for Stress Relief


Possible: Digestive System, Cleanses Digestive Tract, Dietary Fiber, Healthy Skin, Bones, Curbs Hunger, Cleanses Blood Of Toxins, Treats Ulcers, Heart, High and Low Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Digestive Tract, Cleansing and Regenerative


Possible: Antioxidant Rich, Removes Toxins, Strengthens Immune and Nervous System, Absorption of Nutrients, Digestive System, Rejuvenates Cells, Reduce Effects of Aging


Possible: Sweet Cravings, Digestion Regular, Lower Blood Pressure, Curbing Appetite

Sweet Potato

Possible: Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Lowers Blood Sugar Levels, Heavy Metals And Oxygen Radicals, Strengthens Spleen – Pancreas, Treats Diarrhea


Possible: Antioxidant Protection of the Bones, Liver, Kidneys, and Bloodstream, Cardiovascular, Anti-Cancer Support and Benefits, Alzheimer’s Disease, Reduced Risk Of Obesity, Detoxifies the Body, Relieves Dryness and Thirst


Possible: Liver Detoxifier, Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Reduces Joint Pain, Reverses Effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Promotes Muscle Growth and repairs Clear Skin


Possible: Nervous System, Stress and Anxiety Relief, High Levels of Antioxidants, Cleansing


Possible: Weight Loss, High Protein, Natural Energy, Cleansing Antioxidants


Possible: Purifies and Regenerates the Blood, Increases Oxygen in the Blood and Circulation, Neutralizes Waste in the Lymphatic System, Supports Bone Health, Immune System, Improves Night Vision


Possible: Produces Natural Energy, Inflammatory and Antioxidant, Naturalizes Free Radicals, Quenches Thirst, Digestive System Support, Muscle Relaxant, Increase Blood Flow

Yam Gannet

Possible: Satisfies Hunger, Promotes Weight Loss, Special Antioxidant Powers, Produce Sporamins, Prevent Oxidant Damage to Cells

Yellow Onion

Possible: Blood Sugar Balance, Anti-Inflammatory, Bone Density, Lower Blood Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides

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