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Have you ever wondered what flour has in store for you?

The Road To Flourless…

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You might be entertained if you read these three pre-selected books that I have had the pleasure of reading. Here are a couple of reasons to read these fine books from some of the most interesting diet/eating lifestyle authors. You will often hear me say, do anything on a consistent basis that you can do for the rest of your life, and you will attain the best results from the effort exerted. In my opinion, all of these authors harness the common theories of how to live a healthy lifestyle with eating everyday food choices found in your refrigerator, and embrace the better choice of food selection without breaking the bank, or worse, keeping your insanity in check with all of the different methods available.

It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that flour is referenced in three distinct ways. Flour is mentioned and referred to as an ingredient, a process and a product. These three titled references (books) that I listed have confirmed, once again, in my opinion, that FLOUR as used in “process”  is maybe less desirable for your pancreas (more on this later in future articles) because of the chemicals used in processing. This is why I often talk about not eating ANYTHING that has the word FLOUR. To prove my case, why would you add flour to such products as licorice, chips or jelly beans? I’m not boycotting flour, it is used very frequently but I choose not to consume anything that has the word FLOUR in the ingredient list (but I do cheat once in a while); and from my own personal experience, avoiding flour has helped me with basic ailments that would still be a problem for me today based on my personal experiment with taking flour out of my lifestyle. It has made me aware of reading every food label on packages and to ask restaurant owners in order to have better clarity on the ingredients used and most importantly reduced my appetite to consume MORE food. The cravings have just not been there anymore. For example, when I eat chocolate, prior to my no flour lifestyle, I could not get enough, but now I eat with ease, comfort and control.

It might seem a lot to read, but I recommend a little at a time (and they all are a must read). Take your time with these books, buy them and put them where you can see them.  Also, read each book in its entirety before going onto the next. These three books will not only be entertaining and enjoyable, but also may help you see yourself living a healthy and affordable lifestyle while eating your everyday foods found at every store or restaurant.

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