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It all starts with A Fitness Lifestyle Change… A Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. NOW what?

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The challenge that we all have at one time or another is how to find the time and energy to make it to a workout. I have been longtime promoter for good health and fitness lifestyles. The proven concepts used are for the average person, the novice, who wants assistance on how to stay healthy and get strong workouts. We do this by showing how best to maneuver around the health club or gym and assist in the selection process for the right food choices. By design, it will also take the intermediate and advanced candidates to the next level of their workout routines. 7xFit publishes articles and guides to help you with the health and fitness maze and helps you better understand workout jargon. You will learn the basics of building a successful weightlifting routine (i.e., how to know how much to work out, how to tone your body and learn how to be conscious of what you eat). Any little increment of physical activity is going to be a significant boost to lose weight, build muscle, and feel better.

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains your overall health, appearance, and wellness. Workout routines are performed for diverse reasons – it is always best to know the various options available for your active lifestyle. Exercising can improve your mood, stamina,and sex life. Learn how to perform every exercise the right way and eat with ease! Our guides and topics of discussion are in the form of exercise videos,photos, details, community tips, and reviews to help you reach your fitness goals. Running, walking, gardening – it is all good. Regardless of what you do,regular exercise and physical activity are the paths to excellent health and fitness.

Weight training is a common type of strength training for developing your appearance, strength, and size of skeletal muscles. The best abdominal workouts (or anybody part workout) happens when you perform the exercises in order, and target that specific muscle group. Great instructional programs are those that empower and help you to achieve your physique and fitness goals. The guide illustrates a map to success, easy-to-follow step by step procedures, provided by 7xFit, in a workout journal. We have the blueprints for losing inches from your midsection, increasing strength, and improving your energy for the great look you strive for every time you work out.Build your body one muscle at a time, and before you know it, you will have covered all the muscle groups.

It has been over 30 years since I created 7xFit, I designed and published the first step-by-step illustrated fitness guide. It is a detailed fitness guide full of informative instructions with authority on bodybuilding. I like to call it, body sculpting, which makes it the perfect take-it-to-the-gym training instructional guide and coach to acquire better eating habits and fitness lifestyle choices—the guide to targeting your workouts either at home, the gym,or at a health club.

Now, Let’s Do It!

The 7xFit mission is for a total fitness concept to be results-oriented, cost-effective and enjoyable while transforming into the perfect body, living longer, feeling better about yourself and maintaining a healthy weight. With the support, we provide you with the necessary recipes for smoothies and juices for your brand juicers. We educate you on how to shop for naturally grown, valued foods (i.e. why shop at Whole Foods?). We provide you with documentation by the leading, prominent doctors and scientists who have learned that natural supplements, non-GMO, and 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating can provide for, and at times, improve your health, but really how it can enhance your fitness, nutrition, and wellness for your ultimate fitness results.

7xFIT Total Toned Body Workout  – A Systematized Personal Training Fitness & Exercise Guide – 250 Total Body Exercises $24.95

Roy M. Avila
Author – 7xFIT – Total Toned Body Workout

A Systematized Personal Training Fitness Guide

  • Over 30 Year Life Long User
  • Personal Trainer – Group Exercise
  • Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition – T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell
  • Forks Over Knifes Plant-Based Cooking Certification


“Excellent diversity of exercises, with a systematic training program, and an efficient recording protocol – A great contribution to the profession. “ W. W. National Fitness Coordinator Quincy, MA

“Great idea! Lots of good information.” R. F. World Gym – Venice, CA

“This is great! Good going, excellent illustrations.” Hector Morales Hector & Elisas’ Health Club Tampa, FL

“GREAT! I had hoped that someone would have done this.” B. K. Westcoast Fitness Center Pinellas Park, FL

“I think this is very useful for the continuous support of my clients” P. P. Florida Orthopedic Associates St. Petersburg, FL

“Like to add it to our Fitness and Health programs.” W. G. Olympus Gym, Clearwater, FL “It is great idea for the front counter so people can use it as a reference.” T. O. Clearwater Gym Clearwater, FL

“My members love it and use it.” G. S. Bodies USA St. Petersburg, FL

“It is great idea for the front counter so people can use it as a reference.” T. O. Clearwater Gym Clearwater, FL

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Roy M. Avila

Author 7xFIT – Total Toned Body Workout A Systematized Personal Training Fitness Guide