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What does it all mean, is it really all MARKETING?

“0 fat,” “low fat,” “no fat,” “skim,” “fat free,” “1%, 2%, 99, 97, 98, 87, 81%,” or “nonfat,” “diet,” “sugar free,” “low calorie,” “lite,” “light,” “low carbs,” “lean.”

Homogenized Dairy Products

People say, “Well I drink low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt.” The fat has nothing to do with it. It’s been my experience that it’s all to do with marketing. The fat isn’t the problem. Keep in mind that when they make a low-fat product, it’s not a natural product; it’s man-made When dairy products are homogenized, it turns the dairy products into a man-made product that has been said to cause scarring of the arteries. Homogenized dairy products, whether they are yogurt, milk, or cheese, all have negative side effects. It is not the fat that is the problem in dairy, it’s the homogenization process.

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The interesting thing to note is that we are so overweight in America, therefore doing more to lose weight, yet continue to get fatter. There are more diet books on how to lose weight than ever before. More people are on diets than ever before. More people are concerned about than ever before. They eat diet foods such as diet sodas, diet prepackaged food, low-fat food, and low-carbohydrate food. More people exercise than ever before; however, with all this effort being put into losing weight, we are still fatter than ever before. How can this be? Keep in mind that this is really a western world problem. Although obesity is rising slightly in other countries around the world, America leads the way in people that are obese.

Folks with weight issues consume more “diet food.”

It has been known for years now that most diet food actually makes you gain weight. Diet products labeled “0 fat,” “low fat,” “no fat,” “skim,” “fat free,” “1%, 2%, 99, 97, 98, 87, 81%,” or “nonfat,” “diet,” “sugar free,” “low calorie,” “lite,” “light,” “low carbs,” “lean,” etc., are filled with artificial sweeteners, high amounts of sugars, or chemical additives that actually make you fatter. These food additives actually can increase your appetite, activate your taste buds, make you physically addicted, and cause you to gain weight.

AVOID diet sodas and diet food.

It has been stated that diet sodas have been called the “new crack” because they appear to be so physically addicting. They can actually make you fat. The reason they are promoted so heavily is because people become physically addicted to them, and they are cheaper to make than regular sodas.

It’s really amazing that if you can stop drinking soda (any kind of soda), you’ll lose weight and have more energy. Diet foods fall into the same category. Avoid eating anything that is being presented as a diet food. They are loaded with ingredients that will actually make you fatter and make you physically addicted.

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